Indo American News Write Up for NYE!

Nice writeup about COUNTDOWN 2012 in the INDOAMERICAN NEWS!  Thank you so much for the support!


2012 Stylishly Ushered in at Rocking Party at M Lounge

Above: Members of the Indo American News team welcome 2012 at M Lounge Photos: Krishna Giri


By Kalyani Giri

SUGAR LAND: An elegantly appointed multi-level venue, tasteful decor, five ebullient disc jockeys, two dance floors, several genres of music, and a well-stocked buffet and bar. What more could revelers possibly wish for on a New Year&#146s Eve, other than someone to kick up their heels with? From 9pm until the wee hours, a diverse and fashionably togged crowd of about 500 partied like rock stars and enthusiastically celebrated the advent of 2012 at the snazzy M Lounge in Sugar Land. The party, Countdown 2012, organized by longtime DJ in this city, Yogi Goyal, and Therese Cole-Hubbs, Founder/Creative Director of Electric Karma International, incorporated the talents of other local DJs in the popular ilk of Samia Adil, Deejay Chani, Aziz &#146DJ Scoop&#146 Mohammad, and Devan Shah, who conspired creatively to engage the gyrating mass with a steady flow of banter and catchy remixes of songs du jour.

Working closely with M Lounge&#146s youthful owner Pritesh Shah, event coordinator Cole-Hubbs in collaboration with Nalini Kannan&#146s Decor One fashioned a classy ambiance with enclaves of subdued lighting, sumptuous cushions, low tables, and voluminous sheer white drapes quite reminiscent of the times of Scheherazade. The upper level, with its full bar and a buffet table offering tasty hors d&#146oeuvres from M Lounge&#146s sister establishment Mint Spice Bistro, provided sustenance to those frayed around the edges from a surfeit of spinning their groove on the dance floor. But the beat went on; Kool and the Gang vied with Maroon Five&#146s Adam Levine boasting that he&#146s got &#146the moves like Jagger&#146. Pinpricks of laser-like lights punctuated the dance floor and adjoining private hall with color, while stroboscopic lamps dazzled and added fervor to the edgy hip hop/pop mood.

The lower level, cavernous by any standard, boasted a large dance floor, above which was suspended a net bearing hundreds of balloons in every hue; they rained down softly at the strike of midnight. By turn and sometimes together, all DJs gave in to flights of whimsy in selecting their playlists for the night, from Bollywood movie songs to remixes. Samia Adil, very au courant, chose to begin her set with the vivid and most malarkey-laden song to hit the sound waves in a long time, the very popular Why This Kolaveri Di?

DJ Yogi who had envisioned the celebration, was elated by the outcome. An IT professional who managed his family&#146s real estate management business while moonlighting as a DJ for 17 years, is today a career DJ for the past three years. Well-known and much sought after in his field, he collaborated with Cole-Hobbs and together they create the special event experience.

&#146I invited the other DJs to join me in this community Countdown 2012 and we put our heads together and aimed to create something spectacular,&#146 said Goyal. &#146I liked M Lounge as it is multi-level and we could plan to accommodate all music tastes. DJ&#146s have high stress jobs, we&#146re also each other&#146s biggest competitors. But I believe that if we work together and help each other grow, this industry will be better. On behalf of Therese Cole and I, we would like to thank the DJs, event helpers, media sponsors, and faithful partygoers in helping us ring in 2012 together!&#146

DJ Scoop was equally elated.

&#146I got to DJ for my Houston crowd on New Years Eve after 10years, and I had the most amazing time, and I couldn&#146t ask for a better crowd. Houston you rocked,&#146 added Scoop.


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